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In need of additional security for a private event? Have a warehouse or commercial space in need of patrols? Armed Response Team, Inc., provides high-quality and reliable security services that you can count on. 

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We aim to be visible

Sometimes having a strong security presence is all you need to deter crime and protect your assets. We make sure to not put off potential customers or your neighbors by having too strong of a presence, but we can place a patrol officer (or multiple if needed) to reassure the community that protection is nearby.

armed guards


An effective deterrent

Our patrol officers are properly licensed and trained to use firearms in the event of danger. We can provide an armed response to prevent any additional damages or harm from taking place.

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Authority commands respect

There are some events where armed guards aren't necessary because the presence of a security guard alone will work to deter any illicit activity. If you need security officers for concerts, private events, or to patrol an area, we can provide unarmed guards.

property management security


Backup on demand

We can also provide backup on demand should you require additional services on the fly. Things can change without a moment's notice, which is why we make ourselves available 24/7 to adjust your protection detail as needed depending on the situation.

armed guards


It’s gone to the dogs

K9 units are extremely effective. They have a strong sense of awareness, are incredibly fast, can fit into small spaces, and can alert guards to dangers they may not have yet perceived. We can provide trained and certified K9 unit handlers to add an extra layer of protection.


Don't see what you are looking for? Contact our office to discuss additional security services to ensure we meet your needs. We can accommodate your security requests and get you adequate protection.

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